Electrical System

Cubi Srl has been providing a complete service for the design and installation of electrical systems since 1985.

We work closely with construction companies, starting with the feasibility study, to later on continue with the planning, installation and certification of the systems themselves. The industrial electrical system field is a commitment the company pursues considering factors of time, estimated costs and quality of the finished work as key elements. In fact, we guarantee the constant presence of highly qualified personnel both technically and safety-wise, in order to complete the job as agreed.

Electrical System Design

Cubi Srl monitors and coordinates the entire implementation of technological plants, from the planning phase to the building, guaranteeing and on behalf of the private customer or public entity. The various working phases, after meeting with the customer, are the feasibility study, the planning, the cost estimate, the approval, the installation, the testing of the plant and the subsequent maintenance.

Electrical System Maintenance

Our company also offers a maintenance service that includes the integrated management of all the technical and non-technical activities regarding the maintenance of the functional state of the plants as well as the preservation of the buildings itself. In fact, the maintenance service has the aim to maintain a plant’s high efficiency or to upgrade an already existing one.

Special Electrical Plants

Cubi Srl also takes care of so-called special plants, meaning all those plants that have a specific function, such as fire-prevention, safety, access control, data transmission or reporting.

List of specific sub-services for electrical systems

High efficiency lighting
MV / LV electrical substations
High voltage substations
Data transmission systems and wireless
Intrusion and security systems
Automation of doors and gates
Video surveillance systems (CCTV)
Automation systems
Telematic access control
Corporate home automation

Electrical systems from design to installation:

  • Meeting the potential customer
  • Feasibility assessment and bureaucratic control
  • Inspection of the working area
  • Identification of the problem
  • Cost estimate and launch of an offer
  • Timing and delivery schedule management
  • Management of workers and insurances
  • Signature of the customer
  • Beginning of the work with regular on-site inspections by the qualified technicians
  • Periodic comparison and testing
  • At the end, final inspection, plant certification and bureaucratic control
  • Delivery and maintenance calendar

Industrial Electrical Plans

We have been distinguishing ourselves since 1985 for reliability and speed in intervention and installation, ensuring maximum satisfaction to the end customer. Since the early years of the company, Cubi Srl has been offering the construction of civil and industrial electrical plants, directing planning, installation, maintenance and assistance services to companies, industries, receptive facilities and public bodies. The great experience acquired, the important tasks accomplished and an organization that allowed the achievement of production process certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO makes Cubi Srl a reliable partner for the commission of all sorts of projects.

  • System planning, installation and certification
  • Energy upgrading
  • Revamping, led, converters, electric motors and high efficiency charging systems
  • Building Automation
  • Centralized plant management systems, consumption monitoring
  • Energy trader research
  • Cubi Srl creates systems of all complexities and dimensions for every category
  • Facility management
  • Maintenance management systems and 24 hr assistance
  • Sprinkler systems: automatic water sprinkling fire extinguishing systems

Electrical plants for warehouses and logistics

Cubi Srl presents itself as a single partner able to create all the electrical plant aspects concerning individual warehouses and sheds meant for the logistics area. Usually, after a first meeting, we proceed with the feasibility study, that includes various passages, one of which is the analysis and evaluation of the characteristics, costs and possible results. Later on, a specialized technician will do an on-site inspection in order to identify all intervention areas. Last but not least, there will also be a careful analysis of the existing rules and the appropriate procedures regarding safety within the workplace and the environment. In the meantime, the quotation office will define in detail all costs and the economic offer for the beginning of the project. After the signing of the offer a work team is created following the appropriate safety procedures in order to start the project.


We offer the following services concerning the logistic area:

  • System planning, installation and certification
  • Energy upgrading
  • Revamping, led, converters, electric motors and high efficiency charging systems.
  • Building Automation
  • Centralized plant management systems, consumption monitoring
  • Energy trader research
  • Facility management
  • Maintenance management systems and 24 hr assistance
  • Access control
  • CCTV video surveillance system

Electrical plants for hospital facilities

The electrical plant of a healthcare environment is characterized by the need to have excellent service continuity and extreme flexibility, in order to be able to respond to the medical field’s technological evolution and to the different needs of the single user.

The electrical plant of a hospital facility, a clinic or a medical office, must satisfy a great number of services:

  • the energy distribution network must serve all buildings in order to supply energy to the machinery in all departments
  • the lighting system must be centralized and automated in order to follow established schedules and service programming is essential for optimizing consumption
  • Information is transferred through the data network
  • The access of the employees and external users must be regulated through a security system that determines different permissions
  • Safety, anti intrusion and fire prevention systems are essential


Ultimately, this is a complex centralized system for the monitoring of every single hospital service.

Additionally, it is important to stress that the electrical plants in health facilities are regulated by the Italian Electro-technical Committee CEI 64-8/7 section 710 that requires a mandatory drafting of the executive project (CEI 0-2) done by a qualified professional who must have a specific know-how concerning the area and must be registered to a Professional association. Cubi Srl has created a specific team dedicated to this particular area.

Electrical plants for Shopping Malls

Cubi Srl is also specialized in planning special and electrical plants for shopping complexes.

We create different types of plants suitable to various structure sizes. In particular, for this area we set up general power, control and automation plants, transformer cabins, lighting systems, LV/MV distribution networks, network cabling, CCTVs, sound diffusion, fire detection, anti intrusion and access control systems. Thanks to experience gained through the years and established partnerships with international partners, the company guarantees a 360-degree service for what concerns the plant engineering of commercial facilities.

  • Implementation of electrical systems
  • Planning and installation of LV/MV electrical cabins
  • Lighting systems
  • Access control systems
  • Fire prevention systems
  • Sound systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Anti intrusion and security systems
  • CCTV video surveillance systems

Electrical plant revamping

Cubi Srl doesn’t only plan brand new electrical plants, but also specializes in revamping pre-existing ones. This involves a series of operations, which allow the improvement of the plant’s productivity and lengthen the machinery’s lifespan. The revamping process is done when plants still perform well but no longer meet the updated specifications. In this case, plants are restored by adding new technologies and implementing their functions. Once the revamping process is over, the plant is tested and later certified by analyzing initial risks and stating conformity reports according to the EC legislation.

AIA Holding SpA

Activity description:

Body of the electrical, mechanical, photovoltaic and fire-fighting systems serving an industrial warehouse located in Oppeano (VR) owned by Veronesi Holding (AIA).

Casa di cura Pederzoli di Peschiera

Activity description:

Realization of the electrical and special systems regarding the construction of the new buildings A1 and B and in the subsequent phase of the new body a for the construction of the building adaptation of bodies A and B for the optimization of health services within the headquarters of the House of polyspecialistic care dott. Pederzoli S.p.A.

Pastificio Rana SPA

Activity description:

Contract for the executive design and construction of the electrical and special systems of the Research Center and House of Innovation located at the new plant called NUP in San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR).