In Cubi Srl we have a workshop dedicated to the construction of electrical panels of various types and sizes.

Furthermore, we are able to provide a service that makes interactive remote control monitoring possible, which allows to implement the electrical panel apparatus within a supervision system that makes the energy parameters visible, even by acting according to a program of energy efficiency.

Types of electrical panel

The electrical power panels consist of one or more busbar systems set up with the equipment suitable for operating the electrical lines connected to them. Motor starting and switching panels are used as inverters and drives for more complex systems. The measurement, control and regulation panels are used to control the various production systems and processes via PC or PCL.

Supervision and power switchboards

The electrical power panels are a set of busbar systems with the equipment necessary for the correct operation of the connected lines. We can find low voltage (B.T.) or high medium voltage (M.T.) electrical panels therefore connected directly to the power center. The electrical supervision or control panels are simply technologies that are able to collect the data of the electrical panel, such as power, times, voltage drops, etc. and transfer them, even on the network, to the reference technician for optimal control of the framework itself.

Electrical Panel Design

  • Drawing up of wiring diagrams with dedicated application software
  • Layout tracing of the panel with internal and external view
  • Labeling of equipment, pipes and terminals
  • Tightening the screws with a torque wrench
  • Final testing simulating all operating conditions
  • Drafting of the executive documentation and final drafting of the project verifications

Installation of electrical panels

In Cubi Srl our main focus is on long-term customer satisfaction and that is why we have a department dedicated to electrical panels, with a team made up of experienced designers and technicians and skilled workers able to build the panel from 0.

The technicians are professionals in charge of designing the electrical panel on the computer, and of creating the plans necessary to create all the components in the workshop.
Subsequently, the project manager will take care of the installation and connections with the necessary checks, adjusting the related wiring on site.


We not only deal with the installation of new panels, but also with the revamping and overhaul of electrical panels and systems already in place.

As regards the programming of PLCs or BMS systems, we always offer the customer the possibility of having a connection to the PLC via the customer’s data network to remotely access the PLC to check the problem and solve it without having to intervene on site, thus reducing the lead time on any malfunctions or making small changes to the programming at the customer’s request.

  • Progettazione chiavi in mano
  • Soluzioni per l’ingegneria
  • Verifiche strumentali
  • Pronto intervento
  • Revisioni e Revamping
  • Assistenza post-vendita
  • Manutenzione programmati

Fields of Application Electrical Panels

Cubi Srl, a company from Verona, deals with studying, installing or maintaining electrical systems and electrical panels for large industrial companies, healthcare facilities, accommodation and sports facilities. In particular, we are engaged in services to the public administration, trade fairs and shopping centers.

Example of electrical panel

P. Pederzoli Hospital – Proven Nursing Home

To support the amount of energy necessary for the proper functioning of the hospital, we have installed n. 4 medium voltage transformer cabins, and a 1MW cogenerator plant capable of guaranteeing electric current when it fails due to natural causes or electrical faults.

Giovanni Rana pasta factory

We have created the electrical panel of the entire structure of the Pastificio Rana with the aim of developing and enhancing the production department to the maximum, thanks to technologies capable of intelligently distributing the amount of energy needed, improving energy efficiency and safety of the plant.

Food industry

An electrical panel for the food sector is made up of specific and sophisticated technologies capable of automating the various processes and guaranteeing energy continuity, and last but not least, it provides real-time diagnostics capable of having a 360-degree control of performance.

Cleaner and more efficient electrical panels

  • Smart buttons
  • Motor protection switches

What are the advantages of an electrical panel?

The advantages in building, or rather reconstructing an industrial panel are many. First, it means making the site safer from overloaded circuits or electrical fires, as well as saving money, making the site more environmentally friendly and saving time. But not only that, it also inevitably improves the competitiveness of the company as it has clean energy, with cutting-edge and updated systems.

In an era like this, where you want to change course regarding the use of energy from renewable sources, even electrical panels must comply with standards and systems that allow for high energy efficiency.


B.T. distribution boards

Cubi Srl is able to deal with the design, production and certification of all electrical panels, wiring and control of functionality by means of special tools as required by the CEI EN 61439 standards.

The company follows the customer from the preliminary study to the testing phases, up to the next scheduled maintenance.

The steps to follow are:

  • drawing up electrical diagrams with dedicated application software
  • layout layout of the panel with internal and external view
  • marking of equipment, pipes and terminals
  • tightening of the screws with a torque wrench
  • final test simulating all operating conditions
  • drafting of the executive documentation and final drafting of the project verifications

Electrical panels for automation

Cubi Srl deals with the design and installation of electrical panels for the automation of production processes via PLC of the main manufacturers or with KNX technology for the management and control of buildings and homes. The programming of PLCs and devices with KNX technology is developed by our programmers. The systems can be implemented with an electricity management system to assign costs or for the control and management of utilities.

The executives can be certified:

  • CEI EN 602204-1 for the EU and Extra EU market
  • UL508A for the US market
  • CSA C22.2 for the CAN market