Wine sector systems

In the last years we were also able to gain experience in the world of wine-making, creating a structure linked to mechanical plant building that offers a complete package, which includes dedicated high-technology services in addition to the electrical and plumbing parts. 

Specific services:

  • Air treatment and cellar dehumidifying systems
  • Grape drying systems
  • Cooling and heating systems for technological use water
  • Nitrogen production and distribution
  • Tank and barrel refrigeration
  • Compressed air production and distribution
  • Systems for the storage, distribution and treatment of waters used for drum tanning, lime and more
  • Systems for the treatment of the waste water from tanning processes
  • Automated systems for the dosage/distribution of chemical products and for mixing the water
  • Processing of the Pickel and H2S hydrogen sulfide extraction nets inside the drum’s free space
  • Suction and filtration systems