Public Sector Plants

Cubi Srl’ specific competence in designing, constructing and operating MV/LV transformer cabinets is of great interest for the public industrial sector. The company has a particularly significant track record that uses to its advantage –and capitalizes on- the experience gained from the start of the company until today.

In the electric power distribution area the company specializes in:

Public Sector Plants:

  • Installation and maintenance of overhead and underground MV and LV lines
  • Design, construction and operation of MV/LV secondary substations
  • Intervention on electrical measuring units, with/without presence of voltage
  • On-call fault intervention
  • Single/tritube optical fiber supply and installation
  • Maintenance and possible construction of Fiber Optic networks on the distributor’s electrical infrastructure
  • Preparatory activities for the design of lines/plants (to include tacheometric and cadastral surveys, technical drawings, etc.)
  • Construction and electromechanical developments for the primary HV/MV transformer cabinet
  • Ground system follow-up activities
  • Electrical Meter Reading Service